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Our Team

Urban Cuts Barber Shop since 2015 offers every man grooming and relaxation at the most urban and old school point of Glyfada. Spyros, Arthur, Antonis, Vasilis and of course Kostas with the services of Regular Cut, Trimmer Cut, Razor Shave, Hot Towel Shave and Facial Treatment calm down every man from the intense rhythms of everyday life following classic recipes but modern techniques.

It all began years ago with Kostas, the Urban Cuts inspirer, growing up and getting stimulus in his grandfather’s barbershop. Of course, it did not take long time to him to understand that the “microbe” of barbering was inherited to himself as well. And he remained in men’s grooming as well as his grandpa because he liked and still likes all the discussions that are being made and those that are not at a Barber Shop.

“Here every man relaxes from the intense everyday life. Few delights have been left for each one of us. The conversations that men make are something very personal, something that stays only between each other, something that is done in Urban Cuts in conjunction with the most male old school relaxation. The techniques of Tony and guy and Vidal Sassoon we use and constantly update is the guarantee of every result and inspiration “

The goal of Urban Cuts Barber Shop, beyond being a meeting point for every man and his friends, is to constantly be informed about all the new data in modern barbering. Annual trips abroad and attendance of Tony and guy seminars, Vidal Sassoon tecniques seminars and Menspire Accademy seminars are an integral part of the Barbering update for the Urban Cuts Team.

“A journey abroad offers us knowledge, renews us and brings us to contact with experts in men’s care and hair cutting, giving us unique supplies for Urban Cuts. Our ultimate goal is to create our own men’s care products and share knowledge with barbering seminars to other professionals. “